Azalea Cottage Counselling

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a general term that covers many different techniques and ways of thinking. More and more people are recognising that it is helpful to talk things over and get support much as one would have a coach to excel at a favourite sport.

A Safe Place

I believe in each person’s ability to heal themselves given the right environment. I aim to create a safe, comfortable space so that you can express, be heard and grow in the ways that you need.

Natural Healing

I also believe that connection with the natural environment promotes healing and that we can create those green spaces in our home environment no matter how small a space. My waiting room is a sheltered spot where you can experience that connection with nature and feel more at peace.

I believe in the healing power of laughter. I have a (sometimes quirky) sense of humour and find this an invaluable tool in therapy when appropriate.